Real Housewife Joan Kelley-Walker on how to throw the perfect party and the truth about the skinny-dipping snafu

Every week, we interview one of The Real Housewives of Toronto about the latest episode and life after the show. This week, party host extraordinaire Joan Kelley-Walker

You split your time between Toronto and King City. What usually brings you into the city?
It depends on what project I am working on: I am a guest columnist for a few different publications, I host TIFF Red Carpet Diaries and I do a lot of philanthropic work. Most of the time I’m in King City, but if I’m really busy working, I sometimes stay in Toronto for two weeks straight.

Have you thrown any parties in your new condo yet?
You’ll have to wait and see, because in The Real Housewives of Toronto finale next week, you will get a glimpse of that. We’ve had parties and I’ve thrown two fashion shows there. The space was perfect for it.