Lives of the Rich and Shameless

Lives of the Rich and Shameless

The Real Housewives of Toronto Debuts March 7, Slice

We’d bet a cottage compound in Muskoka you have almost nothing in common with The Real Housewives of Toronto.

They’re rich enough to have Botox for breakfast and caviar for lunch, for goodness sakes. Who can say the same? Thankfully, there are some redeeming qualities in the six women chosen to star — sorry, be real versions of themselves — in the inaugural season of the Slice series, debuting Tuesday.

They are all devoted moms — and at least one of them is her household’s primary breadwinner.

So there, they are totally relatable. You can’t blame them because they can jet off to a fivestar Turks and Caicos resort at a moment’s notice — can you? Can you? Let’s meet the crew: