Why I Give: Volunteering Is A No Brainer

It seems like a no brainer. Supporting charitable organizations and doing acts of kindness is the right thing to do. Most people get that. My family and many Canadians are very privileged. I feel we have an obligation to give back, to “pay it forward.” People like to contribute. It is a great example for your children and the starting point of important dialogue.

Personally, it makes me feel good to give, to help, to support. In my hour of need, I hope others would help me in return. That’s how I see the world: an interconnected network of ever changing circumstance. An ebb and flow within a fabric of leaning on one another for the greater good.

Canada is known throughout the world for having this capacity. It starts with its citizens. One friend shared with me that she remembers not having much and how terrible she felt. She wants to give back now so that others can have what she did not.