Her natural appeal in front of the camera and eloquent way with words made her the perfect spokesperson for programming of corporations like Harlequin/Siouette.



Using her skills as a journalist and host, Joan has also written, hosted and voiced videos and infomercials for World Vision and stands as a company ambassador.


The Real Housewives of Toronto

Elegant and composed, she first made her mark as a model, eventually adding television host, producer, writer and humanitarian to her resume.


Joan Kelley Walker

Joan Kelley Walker brings elegance back to our modern times. From humble beginnings growing up in Wilcox, Saskatchewan, she learned vivaciously from a young age the power of goal-oriented hard work in the name of making a difference. Without being afraid to roll-up her sleeves Joan translated her insatiable love of reading and storytelling and crafted over time what would become her sensational career in the media. Spanning from writing as a journalist to broadcasting, hosting, producing, and voice-overs, Joan excelled at fluidly translating her messages across all media avenues. Many of these opportunities started in Toronto but have taken her all over Canada and the USA.


News & Media

Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year’s resolutions for 2018? One of my resolutions is to be my most confident self. I have always been a confident woman, but I intended to age as gracefully as possible. Last year, I shared that I......

Joan Kelley Walker This year at the Toronto International Boat Show, Mercy Ships Canada will give visitors the chance to buy a boat through a digital experience. Technically, visitors won’t be buying a boat, but rather a ship—Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships operates the world’s largest......

Where does time go?  2017 was quite a whirlwind, and that is why I have taken some time for reflection, evaluation and deep appreciation.   The New Year always brings anticipation for the future.  So much planning and dreaming during this time- with that comes to......