For over two decades, Joan has proudly served as a World Vision ambassador. SHE ALSO LENDS unwavering support to numerous charitable organizations. Her unwavering commitment to making a positive difference has been demonstrated through her role as the esteemed emcee for distinguished fundraisers, including CNIB, CNIB Lake Joe, Southlake Regional Hospital, and Wounded Warriors AND MANY MORE. Moreover, she has played a pivotal role in raising over $10 million for the Southlake Regional Hospital gala, showcasing her ability to drive impressive results.

In addition to her emcee prowess, Joan has delivered captivating keynote addresses for prestigious events such as International Women’s Day for Empowerography, Pie Magazine events, the Toy Tea, DNext, the Fash Avenue, the Wet Gala for Water Ambassadors Canada and countless others. She has also hosted a diverse range of events for esteemed organizations, including Diabetes Action Canada, (National Rogers TV Special) Water Ambassadors Canada, Wounded Warriors, many events for World Vision Canada.

Her magnetic presence and exceptional hosting skills have made her the preferred choice to engage audiences and create unforgettable experiences. Notably, Joan has been the trusted host for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Red Carpet DIARY where she conducts thrilling live interviews with renowned celebrities and A-list actors on the red carpet.

Beyond her undeniable talent as an emcee, Joan has established herself as a Canadian fashion icon, earning invitations to host events for illustrious brands such as Versace, Parker NewYork, and Gucci. Her innate sense of style, coupled with her effortless charisma, makes her the ideal representative to elevate and embody your brand’s image.