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Joan was selected as one of Toronto’s top fashion influencers to participate in a campaign with Coco Rocha and LG Home appliances to introduce the LG TWINWASH to the Canadian market.


Joan worked with Hush and shot a campaign for Hush blankets in her home! Shooting content with the products for social media and website advertisements were an effective way to showcase the blankets and attract potential customers. By utilizing her home as the backdrop, Joan was able to create a relatable and cozy atmosphere that resonates with her audience. It’s essential to ensure that the campaign captures the key features and benefits of Hush blankets, highlighting their comfort, quality, and unique selling points. This way, the content can engage viewers and encourage them to consider purchasing Hush blankets for themselves.

“Joan was amazing to work with - kind, efficient, and incredible behind the camera! We hope to work with her again in the near future.”
- Haley Hryshko, Hush Digital Content Creator


Joan had a positive experience working with Magic Windows and documented the entire process! Joan’s real documentation of process, from customer service to installation, was incredibly valuable and many leads were generated because of this campaign.

“Joan has been an incredible asset since she partnered with our brand. Her intelligence, professionalism, and timeliness resulted in a successful campaign and her warmth and kindness made her a pleasure to work with. She became part of the Magic family.”
- Jennifer Matusiak, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Magic


Restylane skinboosters

Joan’s involvement in documenting her ageless beauty journey through various channels like her social media, blogs, and television shows indicates her commitment to sharing her experiences with others. Her authenticity and relatability likely made her a suitable choice for Restylane to promote their product skin boosters.

By sharing her personal journey, Joan may have inspired others who are looking for ways to maintain their youthful appearance.

The partnership between Joan and Restylane not only promotes the brand but also highlights the effectiveness and authenticity of the product. Joan’s relatability likely resonates with a wide range of audiences, making her a compelling spokesperson for Restylane skin boosters.