“This is a woman who is defined by her willingness to learn and her intense drive to help others.”
-Jeanne Beker

Joan Kelley Walker is a woman of many talents and passions. She is a philanthropist, media personality, host, fashion designer, model, mother, and an esteemed entrepreneur. She is a fixture in the world of high fashion, and has earned international acclaim for her extensive humanitarian efforts, numerous appearances in television and film, and her dynamic and distinguished label, the Joan Kelley Walker Collection.

Joan’s unique journey began in the newsroom and on the runway, modeling for top labels while working as a broadcaster and writer and producer. Renowned for her elegant storytelling and impeccable and timeless style, she hosted a variety of radio and television programs, before being cast in the hit series The Real Housewives of Toronto. After wrapping the show, she reconnected with her fashion-industry roots to launch her exclusive line of versatile premium apparel. She balances a keen sense of social responsibility with a bold business savvy, dignity, and grace, and is pertinaciously dedicated to improving lives, spreading joy, and making a
positive difference in the world.

“She is the power in empowerment”
-Dauphine Magazine

Recognition and Awards

‘Global Impact’ Award (2019)

‘Global Impact’ Award from The Women of Inspiration.

‘Women Who Work’ Award (2019)

‘Women Who Work’ Award honoured by the Embassy of Gabon.

‘The Contribution to Canadian Fashion’ award (2018)

‘The Contribution to Canadian Fashion’ award by the International Fashion Encounter recognized for her impact and contribution to the Canadian Fashion community.

‘Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal’ (2016)

‘Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal’ presented to Joan by Command of Her Majesty The Queen. The Diamond Jubilee Medal is presented in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of Her Majesty’s Accession to the Throne and in recognition of her contribution to Canada.

‘Heroes for Children-Power of Generosity’ Award (2016)

‘Heroes for Children-Power of Generosity’ Award, considered World Vision’s highest honour. As part of her work with World Vision, having returned from work in Kenya and Tanzania in response to the HIV and AIDS debacle, in 1995.

‘Mother Teresa’ Award (2016)

Joan was awarded the ‘Mother Teresa’ Award from Athol Murray College of Notre Dame; recognized for her outstanding work with World Vision.