“Joan is The Spirit Behind the Style”
- Millionairess Magazine

Joan Kelley Walker created the signature Joan Kelley Walker collection in 2017 that highlighted elegance in women’s fashion with an upscale line at affordable prices. For every Joan Kelley Walker item purchased a donation was made by Joan Kelley Walker to the Breakfast Club of Canada. The brand focused on celebrating and empowering the everyday Canadian woman and expresses Joan’s passionate connection with fashion and philanthropy.

During the pandemic Joan and her sister in-law Ivana Walker co-founded the Give Back Collective which was aimed at providing a way for Canadian designers to give back while also giving consumers a platform where they can shope and feel good about their purchases. Top Canadian designers joined forces to give back thorough this online shopping portal to CNIB, World Vision Canada, The Ben Le Fevre Mental Health Impact Fund and Breakfast Club of Canada.

Currently Joan Kelley Walker is collaborating with different designers through intimate pop-up activations with the purpose of giving back.

Please contact for more information to book your pop- up or inquire about collaborations.

Joan Kelley Walker Collections

“She is the Power in Empowerment”
- Dauphine Magazine


“This is a woman who is defined by her willingness to learn and her intense drive to help others.”
- Jeanne Beker

Give Back Collective

As sisters-in-law, Ivana Walker and I have spent many years bonding over our shared passion for fashion and have always supported each other’s creative pursuits. Together, and as creators ourselves, we noticed a gap in the fashion community stemming from the fact that designers are often so overwhelmed that giving back tends to end up as last on their list of priorities. In trying to find new ways that the fashion community and its creators can give back while also growing their business, we knew that we could bridge the two worlds together through an initiative like The Give Back Collective.

The Give Back Collective was a style revolution that creates change with each and every online purchase. By redefining the shopping experience, we unite creative forces with one common goal: to make a lasting difference and create positive impact.

The Give Back Collective is aimed at providing a way for designers to give back, while also giving consumers a platform where they can shop and feel good about their purchases. Through placing an emphasis on giving back, we want to challenge these groups to do what they can to support one another, their community and the globe.

Leading by example, we hope to establish the practice of giving back as front-and-center in the fashion industry and beyond. Collaboration and connection is important now – more than ever. When we work together we are better. It is incredible to unite for the common good of others.

The Give Back Collective was a first-of-its-kind way for global creators to showcase their selected pieces and products to a global audience, while also giving back to the community and participating in philanthropy.

Every item sold through The Give Back Collective was coupled with a donation to one of our charitable partners, making it easy for consumers and creators be a part of the change.

Canada’s top creators and designers involved Lesley Hampton, House of Dwir, Sully & Son Co. ,Steven Sabados, ANAVI Designs and the Joan Kelley Walker Collection.

The Give Back Collective proudly partnered with World Vision, The Breakfast Club of Canada, CNIB, and United Way Greater Toronto The Ben LeFevre Mental Health Impact Fund to further their common goals of global unity, equality and collaboration.

Although the Give Back Collective has recently closed it’s doors the impact on the fashion community continues to shine because giving back will never go out of style.

“Passion, compassion and a sense of community: Far beyond the glamorous trappings of her socialite status and jet-setting lifestyle, these are the qualities that define Joan Kelley Walker.”
- Living Luxe Magazine