“I believe we share the globe communally, and with that comes great responsibility that I feel personally compelled by.”

Joan is a shining example of putting community first. She has served as a World Vision ambassador for over twenty years and lends her support to many other charitable organizations such as The Breakfast Club of Canada, CNIB Foundation, Neighborhood Network and many more.

Her advocacy and outreach has been recognized and she has been presented with the Women of Inspiration Global Impact Award, the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal, and the Mother Teresa Award for her contributions to global philanthropy.

She balances a keen sense of social responsibility with a bold business savvy, dignity, and grace, and is pertinaciously dedicated to improving lives, spreading joy, and inspiring others to make a positive difference in the world.

Using her skills as a journalist and host, Joan has also written, hosted and voiced videos and infomercials for World Vision and stands as a company ambassador.

World Vision Campaigns

Joan has been a dedicated ambassador for World Vision Canada for over 20 years. She has focused on a wide range of issues, including HIV/AIDS, poverty, maternal and child health, racial discrimination, clean water, and food sources.

Joan’s compassion has taken her to various countries, such as Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Cambodia, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, and Costa Rica. She has spearheaded programs like Starting Strong and has promoted marathons to raise funds for clean water projects.

Joan has represented World Vision Canada at the United Nations and hosted numerous events and fundraisers. Her commitment and generosity have made a significant impact on the communities she has served.

“Joan, you’ve held many roles with WVC for more than 20 years – valued ambassador and advocate, generous donor and most of all, friend.”
- Laurie Lowe, World Vision

CNIB Campaign

Joan’s dedication to the CNIB Lake Joe fundraiser is truly commendable. Over the past five years, her role as the emcee has contributed significantly to the success of the event, resulting in millions of dollars being raised. These funds have played a vital role in enabling children to attend camp and facilitating essential facility upgrades at Lake Joe.

Joan’s personal connection to the cause adds depth to her support. Her late mother’s experience with vision loss inspired her to become involved with the CNIB and its mission. This emotional connection likely fuels her passion for supporting the guide dog program, recognizing the transformative impact that guide dogs can have on individuals with visual impairments.


Joan Kelley Walker hosted and rocked the house 80s style with The Spoons, Lee Aaron, Alan Frew of Glass Tiger, Jay Semko of The Northern Pikes, Bruce Cockburn, Mark Holmes of Platinum Blonde in support of Diabetes Action Canada at UHN. This successful fundraiser was televised nationally.


Video segment from my last visit to Democratic Republic of Congo alongside World Vision....