“I believe we share the globe communally, and with that comes great responsibility that I feel personally compelled by.”

“I believe we share the globe communally, and with that comes great responsibility that profoundly compels me. With the mantra ‘you can’t change the whole world, you can only affect a small part of it’ guiding me through my endeavours, I am continually faced with moments of pure gratitude when I get to see the bearings of who I have helped. From mothers in Cambodia hugging me telling me that they no longer need to worry about their children dying from waterborne diseases to listening to the children sing their songs of love and gratitude; I am humbled knowing that I am exactly where I need to be and doing work that needs to be done.”

From World Vision Canada to being the Chair of the United Way of York Region’s Women’s Leadership Counsel, Joan also makes an effort to volunteer locally with ‘Neighborhood Network” and has served on Committee for the Right to Play. She has also served on the boards at the Rose of Sharon and Athol Murray College of Notre Dame.

With a wide range of focus, from HIV Aids, poverty, care for mothers and babies, racial discrimination to clean water and food sources; Joan’s generosity knows no bounds. Her loving nature has allowed her to travel to Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Cambodia, Mozambique, Cambodia and Costa Rica.

Using her skills as a journalist and host, Joan has also written, hosted and voiced videos and infomercials for World Vision and stands as a company ambassador.


Mother Teresa Award

Mother Teresa Award from Athol Murray College of Notre Dame for her work as a child advocate and humanitarian

Queens Diamond Award

Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal “in recognition of contributions to Canada”

Heros For Children

Heroes for Children “Power of Generosity Award” – the Highest honor given by World Vision Canada


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